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My two favorite Chiaras

My two favorite Chiaras

To celebrate the Feast of St. Clare, I'm doing a Flashback Monday post (I know, it doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?) to something I wrote three years ...
To-die-for mud pie

To-die-for mud pie

When Chiara's birthday rolled around this year, she opted for pie rather than cake for her party dessert. Initially I thought, pie?!? I'm not a huge pie fan, ...

Happy Birthday, baby

Seven years ago today my beautiful and brave Chiara Elizabeth was born. Seven. Where did the time go? Seven years ago at this time I was waiting for my castor ...

My Dinner With Chiara

Chiara and I ended up home alone this evening, sort of unexpectedly. Dennis and Noah are in New York City for a class trip (eating at Carmine's as I write ...

Simply put

Chiara and I were early picking Noah up from play practice at school today. She asked me if we could walk through the church instead of walking around the ...

Holy cow!

Chiara decided to don a cow costume, angel wings and a Communion veil this morning. Just another typical day at the Poust house.

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