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When people attend my retreats or read my books, they tell me they connect with me because I make them feel less alone, more understood, and ever-hopeful about what’s ahead of them. I couldn’t ask for more, really. As a writer, retreat leader, yoga teacher, and spiritual director, my goal is to help people see themselves with the eyes of compassion, to recognize that they are beloved just as they are at this moment, and to discover the Divine all around them in the everyday world.


Writing is my first love when it comes to my professional life, and as necessary as breathing for me. I write books (six of them so far), seasonal reflection books (six of those too), my monthly Life Lines column, the Not Strictly Spiritual blog, and so much more. You’ll find links to all of that under the Writing menu, so please take a look. I love hearing from readers, so if something resonates with you or brings up questions, send me an email and I promise I will get back to you (even if it takes me a few days).

Mary DeTurris Poust

Retreat Leader

Leading retreats has been one of the unexpected gifts in my career, and something that has become ever more important to me professionally and spiritually. Although I have given retreats for many years, it has been in the past few years that this ministry (it’s much more than “work”) has really blossomed, and that’s thanks to the beautiful souls who join me for these daylong and weekend events. When people come on my retreats, they say they like the fact that I will always put aside my planned schedule and agenda in order to let the Spirit take over. And that’s why I see myself more as a guide than a retreat “leader.” We are all walking this journey together, and my role is to bring the guidebook and the map and provide some tools for getting to the next step. Check the Events page regularly for dates and information on upcoming retreats. I hope to see you at one soon!

“We are all walking this journey together, and my role is to bring the guidebook and the map.”

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Whenever I step onto my yoga mat or sit on my meditation cushion, I feel like I have arrived home — no matter where I might be. Yoga and meditation have provided me with a way to re-center, slow down, find my balance, and dive deeper into my spiritual journey. Although I have been practicing yoga since the late 1980s, I became a certified and registered yoga teacher in 2020. I teach regular classes, specialized workshops and more. (Check my Yoga page for details.) In addition, I add yoga into my spiritual retreats where and when appropriate, and I offer private yoga classes to students who would like to book special events for birthdays, family gatherings, friends, or even just a one-on-one session to get a better handle on the basics. I would love to help you fall in love with yoga. Meet me on the mat!

Spiritual Director

Spiritual direction is best defined as “holy listening” in a safe and sacred space, a place where you can grow in your relationship to God and others. As a graduate of the Albany-based Holy Ground Formation Program for Spiritual Directors, my goal is to walk with you on the spiritual path, hold your stories and concerns with reverence, and allow you to explore and deepen your connection to the Divine. Available in-person in NY’s Capital Region or via Zoom anywhere else around the country or world. Reach out via email, and we can talk more.

Content Creator, Podcaster and More

Aside from the things I’ve already mentioned, I offer lots of other services along the way that can help you or your organization. I write content for websites, non-profit organizations, fund-raising companies, and more. You name it, and I’ve probably written it.

I also host my own podcast, Life Lines with Mary DeTurris Poust: Learning to Be a Spiritual Being in a Material World. You can find past episodes under the Podcast page. Subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

You’ll also find me sharing inspiring stories, short videos, guided meditations and more on my social media platforms, so connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Links below.

Finally, if you’d like to see my full resume with all the details of my long career, head to my LinkedIn page.

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