Manic Monday: Our main goal is staying warm

February 23, 2015 | Uncategorized

It’s a Lenten Manic Monday, and it’s going to be a cold one. We’re starting at 12 degrees and working our way down to -11 by end of today. That’s -11 without any windchill. Why did we leave Texas again? It will be a busy week here at the Poust House both personally and professionally, but here’s what went down over the past few days. Hint: It included lots of sledding, as you tell by the photo over there on the left. That’s me coming down the big hill near our house.

Menu: We prepared for Lent with Fat Tuesday pancakes at the kids’ request. There’s something especially fun about breakfast for dinner. We added in some bacon since Noah said he was going vegetarian for all of Lent except Sundays. The rest of us decided to join him in that endeavor. Well, Olivia was already there, but Dennis, Chiara and I signed on for that sacrifice as well. Chiara did it under duress and was given permission to eat meat at school when she buys lunch. I think eating school cafeteria meat ranks as a sacrifice all on its own.

Here are our yummy Mardi Gras pancakes, made with Kate’s Real Buttermilk, our favorite for pancakes and Irish soda bread:

fat tuesday pancake mix

Fat Tuesday pancakes

We followed that up on Ash Wednesday by breaking our fast with loads of veggies over linguini, and we rounded out the week with vegetarian pasta ash wednesdayvegetarian split pea soup, mushroom and onion quesadillas, and vegetarian penne a la vodka for the kids on Saturday while Dennis and I had sole Francaise at Milestone Restaurant for our weekly date night.

Bookshelf: This week I’ve got a few books going at once, which is never good because it means I’ll remember nothing. I’m simultaneously reading Home-Based Business for Dummies because I’m trying to expand my reach, as well as Adult Faith: Growing in Wisdom and Understanding because I’m taking a class at my parish during Lent. In between I’m looking at guidebooks to Italy because I’m thinking about leading another pilgrimage next year.

However, because I never seem to finish any book, I recently purchased Read More Books Now by Brandon Vogt, a 10-video course with bonus materials to help me read faster and retain more. Just started that, so check back in a couple of days for more on how that’s going. But, if you’re interested in checking it out right now, click HERE. If you purchase it by Thursday of this week, you’ll get it on sale with the bonus material, so don’t wait.

Viewfinder: Lots of fun things going on this week thanks to my children. Here’s Chiara attempting to snowboard using a regular sled. (We’ve promised to get her real snowboard lessons, if not this winter then next.) She’s pretty good, and she’s a daredevil, so I think she’ll be a natural.

Chiara snow board 2

And here’s my little snow bunny up close. Too cute:

chiara snow board

As you know from earlier this week (if you stop by NSS regularly), Olivia is leaving positive post-its in random places as part of her Lenten practice. Yesterday morning we came down to the kitchen to find the one below. We also spied her leaving a “You are wonderful” note inside a worship aid at church. I love these kids.

Lent post-its sun

We capped off our weekend with a winter martini in our Oval Office glasses that we found in an antique store on South Congress in Austin years ago. Austin — where it’s warm right now, or at least not -11 degrees. Did I mention that I’m not sure why we ever left? Sigh.

martinis winter


GPS: We head back out to SUNY Oneonta this week with Noah for a Scholars’ Day event. It’s on his short list of possible college choices along with Siena, Le Moyne, and possibly SUNY Geneseo, if they ever get to sending those acceptances out (March, we hear).

Soundtrack: Heard this on The Coffeehouse on SiriusXM this week and went directly to iTunes to buy it. Check it out:


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