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Lent: It’s not all about giving up chocolate and beer

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So, I walked into my bathroom last night and found this message on my make-up mirror: “You’re beautiful!” I smiled because this wasn’t just any random note, this was the work of the Masked Lenten Post-It Bandit. Okay, that’s not what she calls herself, but that’s how I’m starting to think of her.

As part of her Lenten plan, Olivia has decided to leave positive Post-it notes in unexpected places, public and private. I spied her leaving one on the kneeler in church on Ash Wednesday. I hope a little kid finds that one at Mass this weekend.

Of course, all of this is just a reminder that Lent is not just about giving things up; it’s about giving, in whatever ways we can. We can put a twist on our Lenten sacrifices. I know that in addition to her Post-it plan, Olivia is also making a wall of people and things for which she is thankful. I’m happy to report that she snapped my photo on Ash Wednesday. I love her creative ways of approaching this season.

Are you doing anything out of the norm as part of your Lenten plan? If so, feel free to share it here.

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  1. Thomas Turner #

    I’m eating toast for breakfast every morning during Lent as an homage to my late mother. Years ago, as a boy, it was a given that everyone in school attend daily mass during Lent. My mother would prepare two slices of toast with butter, wrap them in waxed paper and put them in our school bag. After Mass, the nuns would give us a few minutes at the start of class to eat at our desks. I remember those days with fondness. The only difference now is that I eat when I get home from Church the toast is hot.

    March 17, 2015
    • Mary DeTurris Poust #

      What a great story — and a lovely Lenten practice. Thank you for sharing.

      March 17, 2015

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