A little holy cleaning at Auriesville

August 30, 2012 | Travel

We spent this beautiful August day doing a little cleaning at the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs in Auriesville. Various youth groups are going to the shrine to do some minor maintenance work to help get ready for the canonization celebrations that will take place this fall when Blessed Kateri finally becomes a saint.

Auriesville is one of my favorite spots in upstate NY. Every time I go there, I feel peaceful and joyful. There’s such a powerful sense of the sacred on this holy ground. Go there if you can find the time.

Chiara dusting the Jesuit saints


Olivia polishing pews


Chiara refilling holy water fonts for maintenance crew
This took some patience and a total lack of skipping
Outside the Coliseum
Looking over the Mohawk Valley
Down on the ravine trail
Two toads, who were dubbed Isaac and Rene
Total peace
Ravine bridge
Ice cream at a farm stand nearby


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