The importance of a “we” moment

March 17, 2013 | Uncategorized

Yesterday Chiara came into our bedroom early in the morning, and as she snuggled up next to me I said, “We have to go sell Girl Scout cookies today.” Here’s how the rest of that conversation went:

Chiara: “I like ‘we.'”

Me: “Huh? Why do you like ‘we’?”

Chiara: “What does ‘we’ mean?”

Me: “It means me and you.”

Chiara (nodding happily): “Mmm-hmmmph.”

Sometimes I need to remember that it’s the really simple stuff that makes a difference. I don’t have to come up with fabulous activities to wow my kids. I just have to be present. Me and you — that’s often what they want more than anything else. Go makes some “we” moments today!


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