A day in my life

A day in my life

People are often intrigued by the fact that I write from home while caring for my children simultaneously. I think they have this romantic notion that I am in a quiet room of my own, penning my thoughts while my children study Latin or curl up with the latest issue of Ranger Rick. I’ve decided to chronicle one day in my life (yesterday, in fact) so that you can get an idea of what it’s like to be a write-at-home-stay-at-home mother. Here we go:

6 a.m.           Chiara wakes up (for the third time since going to sleep last night) because her tummy hurts from constipation, due in part to our potty training efforts.

6:30 a.m.     Noah stops by our room to suggest we check out the sunrise through the hall window.

7 a.m.           Tell Olivia she’s going to miss the bus if she doesn’t get out of bed. Start the lunch-making, snack-making process.

7:10 a.m.      Argue with Chiara that Goldfish and Hershey bars are not breakfast. Compromise by letting her have a chocolate Yoplait yogurt, not exactly known as a cure for constipation.

7:15 a.m.      Argue with Olivia that movie-themed books packaged with necklaces do not count as literature and will not be ordered through the school book order. Compromise by letting her order one movie-themed book packaged with a necklace. (more…)

Politically homeless in a political world


As we roll toward Super Tuesday here in New York, I feel a slight pang of political guilt over my inability to pick a party and participate in the big event. The truth is, I am a political vagabond, which is probably the case for a lot of Catholics, even if they do eventually pull the trigger and align themselves with one side or the other. We just don’t fit into anyone’s preconceived notions of what a Republican or Democrat must be. Abortion and stem cells and euthanasia on one side; death penalty and war and poverty on the other.

At various times in my life, I have been a member of both major parties and a few minor ones. The Independence Party wins the award for most unusual and entertaining door-to-door visits. But mostly I have been independent (with a lowercase “i”) because I cannot pledge my allegiance to any party that doesn’t really want someone of my ilk. I know, I know. There are feminists in the Republican Party and pro-lifers in the Democratic Party, but when was the last time you heard any of them stumping for the candidates. In their respective parties, they are considered the lunatic fringe.

My husband, Dennis, was pushing for me to pick a party, any party, so that I could vote in Tuesday’s primary. A while back I requested the form necessary to re-register. I stared at the card, moved it from one pile on the kitchen counter to another, and eventually tossed it and decided I’d rather not pull a lever on Feb. 5 than identify myself with something I cannot support. I’m considering moving to New Hampshire where people like me get to vote in the primary of our choice.


Find the nearest book


On some of the blogs I frequent, there is something going around called a “Book Meme.” Here are the rules:

  1. 1.Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).

  2. 2.Open to page 123.

  3. 3.Find the fifth sentence.

  4. 4.Post the next three sentences.

  5. 5.Tag five people.

OK, let’s play. I’m not going to tag five other bloggers, however. I want to know what you guys out there have sitting on your nightstands or coffee tables. Post your own book memes in the comment section. Here’s mine: (more…)

Truth and consequences

OK, so how many of you out there watched “The Moment of Truth,” the new Fox horror show? I am not a fan of reality TV, but I forced myself to sit through this one, if only to see the depths to which American pop culture has sunk. Wow, this lie-detector reality show was even worse than I expected it to be.

My initial reaction was to wonder who would be so desperate for money or fame that they would subject themselves – and their families — to such public humiliation and degradation. But about halfway through the show it became obvious that this show, more than any of the other bottom-feeder reality shows out there, has the potential to completely destroy multiple lives in one fell swoop.

It’s one thing if you want to get up there and admit to preening in front of mirrors or liking gambling a little too much. It’s another to start talking about how you haven’t had children because you don’t think your spouse is long-term material, while your spouse is sitting there cheering you on. How much is that worth? And if you can put a price tag on something like that, then perhaps your moment of truth should begin with some serious soul searching, as in, “Where the heck did I put my soul? I know I used to have one, but it seems I’ve misplaced it.” (more…)

Thank heavens for washable paint


So this is what happens when Mommy takes up blogging. While I was checking email, Chiara decided to turn herself into a work of art. No, she did not just finish up surgery. See her beautiful painting behind her. She also spent about 30 minutes taking a neon-blue Post-It pad apart one sticky sheet of paper at a time. I think that means I’m about to turn into a pumpkin and should get back to my Mommy post pronto. More tomorrow…

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