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My breakup with Facebook. Why I hit “delete.”

Ever since joining Facebook a few years ago, I’ve been fairly addicted. Okay, super addicted. I loved my Facebook world. Too much. We definitely had a love-hate relationship, Facebook and I. Some sort of weird, dysfunctional co-dependency. I’d “deactivate” on occasion to give myself a brief respite from Facebook’s demand for more and more of my time and energy, but I’d always come back, usually sooner than I’d planned. I couldn’t stay away. Until this week, when I decided to leave Facebook for good. I didn’t just deactivate; I hit “delete,” which means I cut the ties completely. Read more

Well played, Facebook, well played

It was hard enough staying off Facebook for two days when I had multiple people emailing, texting and calling to ask why I had disappeared. Apparently when you deactivate, even when you tell Facebook it’s just temporary, your entire page vanishes, like you’ve been sucked into some black hole, like you never existed in the first place, which is a whole other existential blog post I’m not up for writing today. I heard from a few friends and relatives who wondered if I’d unfriended them or if they’d accidentally unfriended or “erased” me after they tried unsuccessfully to send me a message or write on my wall. Oh, the tangled worldwide webs we weave. Read more

Facebook, we have a problem

I’ve been off Facebook for only 36 hours and already I can see a monumental difference in the way I’m working, thinking, living. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it’s true. I feel more like my old self, much more efficient, focused, forward-moving. Read more

Know when to fold ’em, at least temporarily

As  I mentioned last week, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love, love, love that I get to meet up with friends I don’t get to see in real life, and this week in particular some of those friends have provided incredible support via Facebook private message. A few notes arrived exactly when I needed them most. That’s when I look at Facebook with stars in my eyes. But — and it seems there’s always a “but” with Facebook — it is a constant distraction for me, so much so I felt I needed to take a short break to get through a few tight deadlines.  Read more

Why is social media important for Catholics? Watch this new episode of Guided by Grace to find out.

Social media is the focus of this new episode of Guided by Grace, a 30-minute cable talk show co-hosted by yours truly and three other Catholic women on TelecareTV. Think of us as a Catholic version of The View but without the nasty or snarky comments. Every week we’re tackling issues that are important to Catholics in general and women specifically. Read more

‘Like it or not, Facebook is the new parish hall’

I’ve decided to share the panel presentation I gave to the U.S. bishops and Catholic journalists yesterday at “An Encounter with Social Media: Bishops and Bloggers Dialogue.” I was part of a four-person panel invited by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to speak before the start of the bishops’  fall meeting in Baltimore. My fellow panelists included Bishop Christopher Coyne, then-Auxiliary Bishop of Indianapolis; Rocco Palmo, founder of and blogger at Whispers in the Loggia; and Terry Mattingly, a blogger at GetReligion and author of the syndicated column “On Religion.” Our talks were in response to a study by the  Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) on the use of new media within the Catholic Church. Here you go: Read more

Baltimore, bishops, and bloggers. Oh my.

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane…Heading to Baltimore for what’s being billed as “An Encounter with Social Media: Bishops and Bloggers Dialogue,” and I’ll be one of the panelists making a presentation before the bishops and bloggers in attendance. Read more