I’m walking on sunshine

April 5, 2008 | Original NSS

The snow drops started blooming in our backyard this week, a sure sign that spring is finally here, even if winter decides to rear its head a few more times between now and May. Snow drops are the first flowers to emerge after the long hibernation, and although they look so fragile and delicate on the outside, these have to be some pretty hardy perennials to push their way through the cold, hard ground year after year. I wait for the snow drops with eager anticipation each spring. Seeing their bright green leaves and droopy white heads bobbing in the cool spring breeze amid the dead brown leaves of winter is a stark reminder of rebirth, resurrection and renewal. I find great hope in these little flowers and their refusal to be beaten down by subzero temperatures, mounds of snow, and a chow-shepherd who tramples them with regularity.


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