The hunt for a dunk bag

June 4, 2008 | Nature, Olivia, Original NSS, parenting

Olivia and I went out tonight on a quest for a camping “dunk bag,” which, if you’ve never gone camping — and unfortunately I have — is a mesh bag that allows you to allegedly “clean” your dishes by dunking them first in a bucket of cold soapy water and then in a bucket of cold un-soapy water. Not quite the same as the super-sanitizer setting on our dishwasher.

So we headed back to the dreaded Wal-Mart once again, the second time in one week, in search of the required dunk bag for our upcoming Brownie camping trip. As much as I hate the store, I am always drawn there by the promise of finding weird stuff cheap while also being able to pick up fresh strawberries and bananas. When Dick’s Sporting Goods Store starts carrying produce, I’ll shop there instead.

Anyway, there was no dunk bag at Wal-Mart. When I asked the Wal-Mart employee in the camping section if he could help me find one, he looked at me sort of blankly and said, “Bunk beds?” Ah, no. I don’t  need bunk beds for a camping trip. Sigh.

Of course, maybe there’s a good reason that Wal-Mart is not carrying dunk bags, like, say, oh, they are completely disgusting! I don’t think it’s just my anti-camping bias that leads me to say this. I mean, let’s face facts, eating “chuck wagon stew,” which they have threatened to make for us (vegetarian-style for me and Olivia), on plastic plates and then dunking them in ice cold water after dozens of other Brownies have done the same is, to be blunt, gross-a-rama. Between the chuck wagon stew and the dunking I’d say I’m going to drop a couple of pounds this weekend. Of course, the one thing I did find at Wal-Mart — besides a couple of sort of cool “sporks” so we only need one utensil per meal — were strawberry marshmallows for the s’mores. How could I pass up neon pick marshmallows? So I will eat s’mores three meals a day if necessary — no utensils required. Not even a spork.


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