The Bridgemaker explores Cravings

February 23, 2013 | Cravings


Here’s what Alex Blackwell of The BridgeMaker had to say about Cravings:

“In revealing this personal journey, Mary creates a safe space where readers can begin to reflect on their own relationships with food, and with themselves.

Cravings is a powerful way to look at body and spirit as two united parts and in doing so, gaining self-awareness and self-acceptance.

“Mary helps readers confront the fact that God truly does love us unconditionally. With this awareness, the need for external gratification diminishes, as does the urge to count calories.”

I’m am so honored to be included on The BridgeMaker website, which is filled with inspiring posts and helpful tips for taking control of your life in positive and powerful ways. Alex interviewed me for the post, so you can read my answers to his questions about why eating habits are driven by emotions, why women in particular have self-image issues, what makes the Catholic perspective on the food-spirituality connection different from similar connections in other faiths, and lots more.

Read the full interview and enter the book giveaway, by clicking HERE.


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