Changing your meals from mindless to mindful

February 24, 2015 | Cravings, Lent

It’s not just what we eat but how we eat. Now and then it’s good to take a closer look at the method to our mealtime madness. Do we watch TV while we eat? Check email or Facebook? Argue with our kids? Stand at the counter? Fish our hand into a take-out bag as we drive?

The first step to developing a healthy relationship with food and turning our meals into moving meditations is to become more mindful about everything surrounding our meals, from the foods we choose, to the atmosphere around us, to our mealtime cravings-infographic 2 conversations and habits.

Today I’ve got the perfect little bonus for those of you looking to get a better handle on your meals and your mindfulness. Ave Maria Press has created the beautiful bookmark you see on the right, giving you the Cliff Note’s version of how to transform meals into meditations. Keep it in your favorite book, or, even better, post in on the fridge where it’s more likely to hit you at the exact right time. Leave one in your car or at your desk if you tend to eat on the go or while you work.

You can download the bookmarks here in sets of two or five. Print them out for your personal use or for use with a group of like-minded friends. Support is always good when it comes to battling food issues!

Cravings set of five bookmarks

Cravings set of two bookmarks

If you’d like to take this to a deeper level, check out my book Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God, which offers a thorough look at the connection between food and spirituality as well as practical exercises to get you moving in the right direction.


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