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Courage, just for today

I was actually planning to post something else today, something about my pilgrimage to Italy (finally). But then I saw this essay by Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery in my Facebook feed, and it hit home, so you’re getting that instead. I hope it’s just what you need to hear today, too. 

“Yesterday I got home from Storyline. Storyline is a conference about how to transform your life into a beautiful story- or how to recognize that your life already is a beautiful story.  It was created by Donald Miller, and now he runs it alongside Bob Goff and Shauna Niequest and this whole team of ridiculously creative, loving people -all of whom are my heroes. Don Miller asked me to speak at Storyline this year with all of these folks I’ve admired from afar for years.  There are no words for the gratitude and holy terror I felt about this invitation. Zero. None. I won’t even try. Read more

Are you brave enough to give without conditions?

This  morning I came across a post over at Momastery that really stopped me cold. I mean, I do my little charitable stuff here and there, but I have never done anything anywhere close to as generous as what you’ll read about in the post below. I hope someday maybe I’ll have the courage, the trust, the faith to take that leap and giving without counting the cost — not on a calculator, not in my head, not in my heart. Because a lot of times I think we’re still counting the cost even when we’re trying our hardest to be generous. It’s hard to break that hold, to give and not register it somewhere. Read more

A lesson for all of us from Sportskids of the Year

I was going to put up an anniversary post today to mark the fifth birthday of Not Strictly Spiritual. And then a Facebook friend posted the video below, and I realized that this is what I needed to post. I can only tell you about all the things I’d like my blog to be and how I’d like it to help you on your spiritual journey. But this video and these children can show you what it means to love and to live out the Gospel day by day through their actions. What a beautiful story. Please watch it.