Are you brave enough to give without conditions?

March 22, 2013 | faith

This  morning I came across a post over at Momastery that really stopped me cold. I mean, I do my little charitable stuff here and there, but I have never done anything anywhere close to as generous as what you’ll read about in the post below. I hope someday maybe I’ll have the courage, the trust, the faith to take that leap and giving without counting the cost — not on a calculator, not in my head, not in my heart. Because a lot of times I think we’re still counting the cost even when we’re trying our hardest to be generous. It’s hard to break that hold, to give and not register it somewhere.

Anyway, nothing I can say here will make the point better than the story — “A Woman’s Place” — you’re about to read from the awesome Momastery blog. It’s one of those “Wow!” moments, at least it was for me.

Dear G:

Today is Nicholas’ birthday. I went grocery shopping deliberately in a low income part of town, and bought the person’s groceries behind me as a birthday present to me and my big boy (inspired by Monkee See – Monkee Do). I left before the woman behind me in line knew I had paid for her things. A few minutes later I saw her climb into the driver’s seat of her car, put her head in her hands, and weep.

I was so nervous trying to explain to the cashier what I wanted to do that I left my phone in the store. When I went back to get it, that same cashier told me that the woman behind me had been buying all of that food for a domestic violence shelter.

Our Sisters Warriors. Amazing and Full of Grace

Love, Meghan


I’ve read this story twenty times now. I’ve got the movie in my head.

I can SEE that woman finding out her groceries were paid in full. I can see her eyes and heart try to understand.

Continue reading HERE.


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