Is happiness a choice? Let’s talk about mental health

May 9, 2022 | podcasts

Life Lines Podcast cover

My latest Life Lines column, From Darkness into Light, has brought in a flurry of emails and comments from readers. It seems this topic really struck a chord. People have been thanking me for being willing to talk about depression, mental health, and especially about medication as it relates to the two. I’m grateful the column was helpful and I’m so glad people are reaching out, but I find it sad and frustrating that the topic of mental health still has such a stigma attached to it. Mental health is health. You don’t just snap out of depression any more than you snap out of diabetes. In the newest episode of the Life Lines podcast, I dive deeper into this topic and talk about the tools that have helped me move from a place of regular darkness to a place of mostly light. This one is a little longer, coming in at 20 minutes, so get some coffee or tea and settle in. Thanks for joining me!


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