Lent: It’s not all about giving up chocolate and beer

February 21, 2015 | Lent

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So, I walked into my bathroom last night and found this message on my make-up mirror: “You’re beautiful!” I smiled because this wasn’t just any random note, this was the work of the Masked Lenten Post-It Bandit. Okay, that’s not what she calls herself, but that’s how I’m starting to think of her.

As part of her Lenten plan, Olivia has decided to leave positive Post-it notes in unexpected places, public and private. I spied her leaving one on the kneeler in church on Ash Wednesday. I hope a little kid finds that one at Mass this weekend.

Of course, all of this is just a reminder that Lent is not just about giving things up; it’s about giving, in whatever ways we can. We can put a twist on our Lenten sacrifices. I know that in addition to her Post-it plan, Olivia is also making a wall of people and things for which she is thankful. I’m happy to report that she snapped my photo on Ash Wednesday. I love her creative ways of approaching this season.

Are you doing anything out of the norm as part of your Lenten plan? If so, feel free to share it here.


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