Life in My 50s: Off to a Good Start

September 26, 2012 | Food

My 50s are off to a delicious start thanks to the Milestone Restaurant in Glenmont. Where else could I celebrate my milestone birthday than at the Milestone?

I had this awesome, not-to-be-believed pumpkin pie martini to end my spectacular dinner. I’m not usually a fan of sweet drink concoctions, but this one? Unbelievable. So good I can’t possibly do it justice. Go now before it’s too late and order one for yourself. I plan to go back soon to get another taste.

Of course, our dinners were all that we expected and more of this local gem. I couldn’t resist a repeat of my seared scallops on mini risotto cakes. I go for the big size (two sizes are available) and I ate every bite. Every. Bite. (See that photo? See what I mean? I dare you not to eat it all.)

Everyone else was thrilled with their meals as well, so the night was a success. And what a way to ring in this new decade.


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