I love when my writing is compared to chocolate

January 12, 2013 | Cravings

I can’t think of anything better than having my book compared to a chocolate mint melting in your mouth. Thank you, Sarah Reinhard at Snoring Scholar, today’s “Pray, Love, Then Eat” blog tour stop, for saying my book is like an Andes mint. That made me so happy, even if it also made me want to eat chocolate for breakfast.

Sarah also said: “This book gave me a ‘Theology of the Body applied to life’ sort of jolt.”

And she called me a “masterful journalist.” Chocolately and masterful? My cup runneth over!

Click HERE to read the rest of Sarah’s review of Cravings, in which she tells you why you “need” my book. (Insert grateful sigh here.) I think I’ll go read it one more time.

Don’t forget to enter your name in the Williams-Sonoma gift card contest when you visit Sarah’s blog.



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