We’ve got our very own Charlotte

August 24, 2008 | Uncategorized

This morning Noah noticed a spider busily spinning an orb web near the holly shrub between our front porch and our garage. Not the best location in terms of traffic, but we’ll do our best to leave it undisturbed. I’m waiting to see if our little spider spins any messages for us. I’d like to think she’d come up with something on par with what Charlotte had to say about Wilbur — “terrific,” “radiant,” “humble” — but right now I’m afraid that “some pig” might be the only message that might suit us and not because we have a cute oinking farm animal out front. Our porch forms cobwebs at such an outrageous pace that we just can’t keep up. We have two Adirondack chairs on our porch, and I dare you to sit in one. You’ll either get tangled up in a web or overrun by spiders and other creepy crawlers. I’m convinced that our front porch has gotten so out of hand that the letter carrier will soon refuse to deliver our mail. Anyway, here’s our own Charlotte at work this morning. I hope you can see at least some of the intricate details…



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