The two faces of Chiara

August 22, 2008 | Uncategorized

The other day Chiara was playing with an old cell phone, pretending to call a friend. I was at my desk and I heard her say, “Hi. So how was your day? Beautiful, fluffy and cute?” I smiled to myself over the little gem of a girl I have.

The next day, however, when Olivia did something to annoy her, Chiara yelled, “Whatever, major loser.” So much for my little gem. I stopped both girls and asked where that kind of talk came from. Apparently from the Wonderful World of Disney. It seems that Chiara was paying very close attention when Olivia was watching “Camp Rock,” the latest Disney made-for-TV movie that has resulted in a whole new line of clothing and lunch box paraphernalia.

What are the chances that this kid is not going to get thrown out of preschool in two weeks?



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