Signs of the Season

September 30, 2010 | Uncategorized

Well, autumn is definitely upon us. Here are shots from the yard just to prove it:

Plague of acorns. I am not kidding. Acorns are dropping in epic proportions. Walking around the yard is like walking on ball bearings. The clatter of acorns dropping on the roof and deck from our very tall and mighty oak trees makes it sound like a war zone. Come by and visit, if you like, but wear a hard hat.

Inching along. This fuzzy little fellow almost ended up on the curb in a barrel full of acorns, but I rescued him at the last minute and moved him to higher ground. Someone out there may be able to look at his stripes and give us a winter weather forecast. Although I’m thinking the plethora of acorns is probably all the forecast we need. Prepare for snow.

Toad lilies. These delicate little flowers are autumn-blooming lilies. And the best part? Deer don’t like them. Don’t ask me why, but even with all those acorns to feast on the deer are still decimating the rest of my garden.

Autumn rose. This little beauty surprised me yesterday.

Last blooms. The stonecrop (or sedum) are among the last of our flowers on the scene each season. Pumpkins and Indian corn can’t be far behind when these beauties show their heads.

Still waiting for the trees to turn, but that will come soon enough…



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