Our ambitious but fun summer ‘to do’ list

June 24, 2009 | Uncategorized

I found this fun approach to summer on Whatever, a blog that has become a new favorite of mine. That’s our list in orange above. My kids liked the idea so much they sat right down and got to work. And trust me, I did not come up with the one that says, “Paint the kids’ bathroom.” Olivia chimed in with that, which gives you some idea just how ugly the kids’ bathroom is.

Click HERE to see the Whatever post on this and the list that started it all. I actually did something similar to this with the kids a few summers ago, but on loose leaf paper. I’m sad to say, we never really made it through much of the list. I think I’ll give it another shot this year. Maybe if it’s poster size it will be harder to ignore. It’s now hanging on the basement door, where it will be in plain sight all summer.

And when you have a minute, go visit Whatever. The photos are amazing.



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