Mary’s excellent Boy Scout adventure

August 18, 2009 | Uncategorized

So I spent three days (actually a little more) at Boy Scout camp last week, and lived to tell the tale. And a happy tale at that, even with “semi-open” latrines that could bring tears to your eyes from 10 feet away. It was a great experience, so good that I extended my stay and added on an extra day and night. Believe me, coming from this non-camper, that’s a pretty big deal. In fact, I would have to say that I can no longer label myself a non-camper. After two fabulous Boy Scout camping experiences and one horrendous but survivable Girl Scout camping experience, I am really, truly a camper. I loved it, and I’m looking for the first opportunity to go on a family camping trip.

Here are some photos of my days at Rotary Scout Reservation. The one thing I don’t have a photo of is my afternoon at the rifle range, which is too bad since I nailed that little target. I’ve got the paper to prove it. Don’t mess with Mary.

On to our photos… (If you click on the photos, it will enlarge them.)

Noah diving at the lake and my little tent in the woods:

Noah climbing the grotto near our site and Noah and me at dusk:

Noah and Noah at the lake, and Chiara and Michael on family night:

Lots of pretty fungi that Noah and I found on a hike, and a little lost toad:

Last morning around the dying campfire:

Flag ceremony. That’s Troop 71’s flag flying over Rotary since our boys earned 100 percent on their site inspection that morning:

And lest you think it was all fun and games, here’s a shot of the dreaded latrine with no doors. Quite a fitting ending to this little Ode to the Boy Scouts, don’t you think?



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