Fade to black, or gray at the very least

January 4, 2010 | Uncategorized

So I’ve been away for a while again, and not simply because I have overbooked scheduled. At I tried to put my finger on the reason I haven’t been blogging, I started noticing a new phenomenon in my life — spiritual and otherwise. I kind of want to fly under the radar of life. I don’t mean that in a sad or depressing sort of way. I find I have much less of a need to be out there getting attention for myself lately. Now, granted, the blog is as more (or more) something I do for myself than for the readers. It really is a spiritual exercise for me to sit and write about my spiritual life and struggles. But it’s the me/my/mine stuff that I think is getting in my way. Kind of like how when I was young I was constantly talking out of some need to make people laugh,



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