Facebook nation

January 29, 2009 | Uncategorized

About three weeks ago I finally caved and joined Facebook after much prodding and pressure from Dennis. It’s not that I had anything against Facebook. I just figured it would be a huge time drain, which it is, and I didn’t know if I could handle that on top of all my other time drains. But I joined. Now, 112 friends later, I am a super fan of Facebook. Not only have I reconnected with colleagues from the Catholic press, but I’ve reconnected with distant cousins in Brooklyn and friends in Texas and even some folks just across town. I’m talking to them more now than I have in years. It’s been a huge surprise for me, this whole Facebook phenomenon. But Dennis recognized it early on. In fact, he just wrote a great story on how Facebook is even changing the way Catholics spread the Good News. It’s true. Even Pope Benedict XVI is touting the benefits of social networking and recently set up a Vatican YouTube site. Who’d a thunk?

So go check out Dennis’ cover story in this week’s issue of Our Sunday Visitor by clicking HERE. While you’re clicking around, be sure to click on my Facebook icon to the left and friend me if you haven’t already. See you on Facebook.



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