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January 25, 2017 | Uncategorized


My reflection from Give Us This Day:

St. Paul’s story of conversion always sparks a little jealousy in me. Probably not the appropriate reaction, but let’s be honest: wouldn’t we all like a blinding light and God’s voice from heaven setting us on the right path once and for all? I know I would. There would be no more wondering, no more doubts, no more confusion about whether I’m doing God’s will or my own. Few of us get that kind of wake-up call, and those of us who do often miss it because we’re busy looking for one that is more interesting or less difficult.

We say we want change, but we want it on our own terms, a transformation of our own making. We’re not necessarily looking for a transformation on God’s terms because that can be uncomfortable and challenging and sometimes downright painful. But, as Paul learns, this is where the real work and the real progress begin. Even with Paul’s remarkable and unmistakable conversion moment, however, God doesn’t give him every answer or mark out every turn ahead. Paul is instructed to go to Damascus, where he “will be told about everything appointed for [him] to do.” And he does. Just like that. No further questions asked.

If God were to give us a Paul conversion moment, would we rush to meet it and go wherever it led, or would we hesitate, calculate, and perhaps look for a better offer? Do we miss our moments?

This reflection appeared in the January issue of Give Us This Day. If you’re not already a subscriber, click HERE and check it out. I’m so honored and grateful to be part of the GUTD family.



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