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January 3, 2013 | Cravings, Everyday Divine, Uncategorized


Body. Mind. Spirit. They’re all connected. If you think that diet you’re on has nothing to do with the prayers you’re saying — or not saying — think again and read on. I’m offering lots of goodies on this topic in this week’s issue of OSV Newsweekly.

The main story in the In Focus section includes a feature on the mind-body-spirit connection with practical tips from experts and a list of resources. The related essay talks about this connection from a personal perspective — mine. I also wrote this week’s “Openers” column, but that one is open only to OSV subscribers.

I’ll start you off here and link you to the full story. Don’t forget to click through to the essay, either from the “related article” link on OSV or by clicking HERE after you’ve finished the main story.

Physical, mental and spiritual health must be connected for a better New Year

By Mary DeTurris Poust

Every new year seems to bring out the best in us. We look ourselves squarely in the mirror and decide what needs work. Maybe we need to lose a few pounds, or gain some self-control. Maybe we recognize a need to pare down our belongings or our outside-the-home commitments, or our time spent on social media. Maybe we want to pray more or give more. Even if we don’t make any formal “resolutions,” usually somewhere in the back of our minds are plans to do better, feel better, be better.

But, as many people are probably already learning only a few days into this new year, thinking and doing are two very different things. The doing part can be hard, which is why so many people give up on their plans before they have a chance to see any results. So what’s the secret to achieving and maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health? It turns out the biggest factor in this equation may be the one thing most overlooked: connection. It’s very likely that any attempt to fix or improve one part of yourself will stall if you’re not also including the other parts of yourself as well.

Translation please? Body, mind and spirit are connected, and what happens in one area of your life will surely affect other areas of your life. So if you want to get in shape — physically, mentally or spiritually — you’re going to have to take on all three elements at once. I know. It sounds scary and overwhelming, but it’s not. In fact, when you approach your life from this “holistic” place, this awareness that you must bring all of you to the table (or gym or pew), you have a much better chance of achieving the “success” that is typically so elusive. Continue reading HERE.


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