Book is ‘perfect’ for new Catholics and those who want to practice faith ‘more fully’

June 18, 2011 | Uncategorized

Writer Eric Sammons offers a brief review of my “Essential Guide to Catholic Prayer and the Mass” in the latest issue of Our Sunday Visitor. Here’s what he had to say:

The Mass is a prayer

Sometimes we forget that the Mass is essentially one big prayer. In fact, it is the prayer of the Church, the one through which Our Lord Jesus Christ prays to the Father for the salvation of the world. Mary DeTurris Poust makes this point clear in her book “The Essential Guide to Catholic Prayer and the Mass” (Alpha Books, $16.95). Poust, a popular author and blogger, places the Mass in the greater context of Catholic prayer. In fact, only about 50 pages of this 336-page book are explicitly on the Mass, while the rest focuses on various types of prayers and the reasons why we pray.

Perfect for new Catholics as well as uncatechized Catholics who are beginning to practice their faith again, this book gives clear advice on prayer, which is the indispensable act of the spiritual life. Poust also details the changes coming with the new Missal, explaining them in a lucid fashion and with understanding that such changes can be disconcerting. If you know someone who is beginning to practice his or her Catholic faith more fully, then “The Essential Guide to Catholic Prayer and the Mass” is, well, essential.

Sammons reviews four other books that cover the new translation of the Roman Missal. You can read those by clicking HERE.


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