Big night out

October 28, 2008 | Uncategorized

So I’m heading to my first jewelry party tonight, which is a big deal for me. Not that I’m so into jewelry. I’m not. But for the eight years I’ve been living in this town I’ve been waiting to get invited to a jewelry party, any jewelry party. This doesn’t say much for my social skills since you can’t swing a cheap necklace without hitting someone who’s hosting one of these things. I have been invited to a couple of parties second-hand, but that always makes me feel so cheap. How pathetic are you if you have to sneak in on someone else’s invitation? Actually, I do have to admit that I was once invited to a jewelry party given by the sister of a dead friend who lives two hours away — the sister, not the dead friend. But that didn’t work out, and besides, I’m not so desperate that I’ll drive two hours to look at some silver earrings.

I have been invited to Pampered Chef parties, decorating parties, skin care parties, make-up parties, and even a couple of Jockey clothing parties. For whatever reason I have not been able to score the big jewelry party invite. Maybe they’ve seen the jewelry I wear and figure it’s pointless to invite me. Anyway, big thanks to my neighbor for taking a chance on me.



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