Anne Rice’s journey from darkness to light

October 15, 2009 | Uncategorized

I recently had the privilege of talking with author Anne Rice for an OSV In Focus section on the current vampire craze. Rice’s penchant for all things undead has given way to a very different focus: Christ, redemption, salvation. Check out my interview with Rice in the current issue of OSV, now online. Here’s a taste:

OSV: In an essay on your website, you talk about your work — from “The Vampire Chronicles” through the “Christ the Lord” series — as reflecting your journey through atheism back to God. How is your earlier work part of that spiritual journey?

Rice: As I was writing “Interview with the Vampire,” I knew that I identified with Louis the vampire and that I felt like a creature of the night and a creature who was separated from God and a creature who was lost and pretty miserable. The book is really a meditation on misery, on the misery of being separated from God. I felt very comfortable writing it because it allowed me to express my sorrow. It’s only years later that I realized the book is about the loss of my Catholic faith. It’s about a fall from grace, about leaving the Church, about roaming in the darkness of atheism for many years and feeling as obsessed with God as ever.

Click HERE to read the full interview. And, if you’re interested in the pop culture fascination with vampires, from Dracula to Edward Cullen, click HERE to read what the experts have to say in “Drawn to the Undead.”



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