A funny thing happened on the way to my blog tour…

January 15, 2013 | Uncategorized

For the past ten days I’ve been running a blog tour (in case you didn’t notice). I know. It feels like ten years. It will be over soon, and then I’ll find some other way to bother you. As part of the tour I am not only doing Q&A interviews with various bloggers who are generously hosting me on their sites; I’m also fielding questions from people entering the Williams-Sonoma $100 gift card giveaway over at Ave Maria Press. (Click HERE and enter once a day until Jan. 20, when the blog tour ends.)

At first this whole question-and-answer thing seemed a bit overwhelming. How could I answer so many questions about the same topic without repeating myself and boring all of you to tears? Well, as it turns out, I seem to have an endless supply of things to say on this topic, which surprises me because, after all, I wrote a whole book on it. Surely I’m going to run out of gas at some point. What I’m finding instead is that the blogger and reader questions are forcing me to look at my own book and my own life from all different angles, much the same way you might turn a pebble or seashell over in your hand and look at it in different light to catch the beauty you might have missed. (See, there was a connection to the seashell photo above.)

I realize there’s no guarantee that seeing me and my book in a different light every day for fifteen days straight might not bore you to tears anyway, but from where I’m standing it’s really been helpful, cathartic. So often when I write a book, I move on to the next thing pretty quickly. I might give some workshops or talks, but generally I’m off and running to a new project on another tight deadline. This blog tour has allowed me to put my thoughts about Cravings on a low simmer and let the flavors marry.

So there you have it. My blog tour was designed to sell books to other people, but what it ended up doing is re-selling the idea of this book to me and reminding me to practice what I preach.

I’m hoping the end result of all this will be some workshops and retreats that will allow me to help others do the same kind of reflecting on their own relationship with food and God and themselves. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

And please visit today’s blog tour stop HERE.



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