Fear or trust? Which will you choose?

July 6, 2022 | spirituality

Full disclosure: I was never a big Carlos Santana fan. Okay, I wasn’t really a fan at all. That is unless Rob Thomas was singing as Santana played. But then I heard from multiple sources (my husband being the main one) that Santana’s autobiography, The Universal Tone, was fantastic, especially since he weaves in so much spirituality. They had me at “spirituality.” I got the book on Audible, all 19+ hours of it, and started to listen. You will now find me asking my Amazon Alexa to play various Santana songs (My family has been singing “Oye Como Va” because of this), and sometimes I just pause to write down something that sticks with me, like today’s quote: “You can have fear or trust, but you can’t have both.” Amen. Absolute truth, but so hard to live day in and day out.
What fear is getting in the way of you trusting God’s plan, trusting the universe, trusting yourself? Can you take a deep breath and exhale that fear out? Can you trust you are where you are meant to be? Fear or trust. Which will you choose?


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