A gift from a technology glitch

July 2, 2009 | prayer

When I went downstairs to work today, I sat at the keyboard and realized the computer had shut down during a power outage the previous night. Suddenly I found myself with a couple of spare minutes. I realize that sounds rather pathetic, but it’s true. Waiting for the computer to reboot gave me a chance to turn my chair around to face my “sacred space,” light some incense, turn on my battery-powered candle, sit/kneel on my little prayer bench and bask in my unexpected down time.

So I sat, just briefly. It’s amazing what a few moments of silence can do for the soul. Even in my limited prayer time, however, my mind wanted to wander far away — to blog posts that need to be written, to the list of things I need to get before vacation. I ever so gently coaxed myself back to my silent place, saying Jesus’ name and feeling a calm come over me.

Why don’t I do this more? I mean, really, can I not find three minutes a day to just be quiet. OK, usually I can’t what with three kids clamoring for food and fun and who knows what else every minute of the day. But today, Chiara was playing in her room, Olivia was reading a book, Noah was playing a video game. Ahhhh. Silence. Go get some. It’s better than ice cream. Unless you’re eating Crumbs Along the Mohawk, then nothing is better than ice cream.



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