Severe disabilities, inspiring strength

June 9, 2009 | parenting

My post from OSV Daily Take today:

Jennifer over at Conversion Diary has posted a moving interview with the parents of Sunni, a severely disabled little girl who cannot do anything for herself. Their love for her, their acceptance of their role as parents, and their conversion from pro-choice to pro-life in the face of such suffering is inspiring.

“When asked how he created such stunning works of art, a famous sculptor once said that he instills in his mind a clear image of the form and then removes everything that is not a part of it. In a way, God has shorn from Sunni nearly all of the adornments that would be considered part of a basic human life. She cannot act on her own, communicate, or possibly understand even simple concepts. She is left as a nearly pure example of human life without anything to distract us from its elegant beauty.”

Click HERE to read Jennifer’s full interview with Sunni’s parents about what it means to raise a severely disabled daughter in a society that often looks at her and thinks abortion would have been the better choice.



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