This is only a test…

April 4, 2008 | Original NSS, spirituality

Today is one of those days when I feel as though the soundtrack of my life ought to be that annoying and incessant beeping noise that is the hallmark of the Emergency Broadcast System’s test pattern. Except instead of lasting for 10 or 20 seconds, it’s lasting for hours and hours.

I’ve been trying to fight my way back to a calm place. After a morning that took a serious toll on my nerves and my confidence, I found myself bumping into the Spirit at work in my life, which continues to amaze me. You would think at this point I’d start to get used to the fact that God steps in when we least expect Him.

First I received an email forwarded from a friend. It was as if someone whispered in her ear and told her exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right moment. A few minutes later, I decided to go to First Friday Mass with Chiara. I have never taken Chiara to Mass in the chapel. Everything is a little too up close and personal there when you’re bringing along a very noisy and bouncy 2  1/2-year-old. But something told me to go anyway. We sat down (way up front since it was crowded and we arrived just in time). Just before the priest made his way down the aisle, a deacon from a neighboring parish came over to tell me how much he is loving my book. Again, it was as if someone planted him there in the congregation just for me. I looked at him and said, “I knew I needed to be here today.”

That being said, we made it only to the homily. Chiara wasn’t loud, but she was squirmy, and I had a feeling that the many older folks sitting around us trying to be reverent were getting a little miffed. So we went to the parish office next door and took care of some business and came back later for Benediction.

The Emergency Broadcast System is still blaring in my head, although it’s been turned down a few decibels. Somehow, on this day when nothing seemed to be going right, the people I needed to hear from kept finding me. Turns out this was only a test, but in the event of a real emergency, I hope I remember who’s got my back.


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