Snowman or bishop? You make the call

February 20, 2008 | family, Original NSS, parenting


Well, the kids were painting again — something they seem to do with frightening frequency, especially when you take into consideration that they are just feet away from the clean laundry. Yesterday, Chiara was busy at the easel, painting what she said was a brown snowman. Olivia came around to get a look and immediately declared that it was not a snowman but a bishop. Up until that point I had been folding the previously mentioned clean laundry, but at this comment my ears perked up.

I came over and stood behind Chiara’s shoulder, and, sure enough, there was a bishop, miter and all. We think Chiara was trying to capture the ordination rite known as the Laying on of Hands. See how his arms are extended over the head of the yellow abstract priest-in-waiting? Or maybe he’s sprinkling the congregation with holy water? Distributing Communion?

So this is what it’s come down to. We are so desperate for mid-winter vacation entertainment that we’re creating our own Rorschach tests. Do you see the bishop, or is it just us? Have we been spending way too much time working for the Church at this house? Tell me this couldn’t pass for an abstract masterpiece at the Museum of Modern Art. It certainly surpasses the three basketballs floating in a half-empty aquarium tank that was masquerading as art the last time I was at MOMA.

Maybe I have another van Gogh on my hands or a Jackson Pollock. Maybe we’ve all just got a serious case of cabin fever. Chiara just walked in, saw the painting up on the computer screen and declared with smile: “Chiara made a snowman.”


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