Is the pope reading my blog?

June 18, 2008 | Original NSS, prayer, spirituality

OK, yesterday I rambled on and on about balancing the spiritual and secular, and then today, voilà, a blog reader emailed me about a Catholic New Service story where Pope Benedict XVI talks about the same thing — sort of. Turns out the pope and I are on the same wave length, which should be very scary news for B16. A shout out to Father Mike for the heads up on this. Here’s a snippet of the CNS story by Carol Glatz:

Christians must strike a fruitful balance in their lives by including both prayer and action, Pope Benedict XVI said.

People of faith can “run the risk of reducing themselves to being one-dimensional” either by retreating from the world to dedicate themselves to God and prayer or by totally immersing themselves in the world to help others, the pope said during his June 18 general audience in St. Peter’s Square.

Instead, believers must look for “a middle ground” by imitating Christ, whose life was dedicated to contemplation and action, he said.

If you want to read the official text of today’s papal audience, click HEREto go to the Vatican Web site.


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