In memory of a fellow Catholic writer

June 10, 2008 | Original NSS, writing

I learned today that long-time Catholic journalist and author Ann Ball died of a heart attack on Sunday. I knew Ann only through phone conversations and her wonderful Web site, and all I can say is that she was a very cool Texas gal who managed to run a security company and churn out Catholic book upon Catholic book all at the same time. She has some really great stuff out there on the saints and Catholic gardening, cooking and crafts.

It’s funny, but I had planned to email Ann to tell her about my Mary Garden attempts (since this is a subject featured on her home page) and to show her my Our Lady of Guadalupe garden statue because I knew she would love it. Instead I will just have to put a flower in front of Mary on Ann’s behalf.

Ann’s Web site is still up, and I recommend that you click HERE and visit it while you still have a chance to see the amazing contributions she made to the world of all things Catholic. If you click HERE, you will find an obituary that includes some very beautiful comments about Ann’s life and her work, including this quote from Greg Erlandson, president of Our Sunday Visitor, for whom Ann wrote:

“She was a big-hearted, straight-talking Texan who provided so many U.S. Catholics with a window on the rich customs and traditions of Hispanic Catholicism. Her knowledge of that tradition was dwarfed only by her love for it…Ann Ball was one of the hidden treasures of our Church. It was an honor to publish her, and we will miss her dearly.”

Rest in peace, Ann.


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