Just call me Pocahantas

June 24, 2008 | Original NSS

I recently happened upon an Internet quiz that allowed me to figure out which Disney princess I would be if I suddenly morphed into an animated character and started speaking to and singing with cuddly woodland creatures. At the outset, my fear was that I’d turn out to be Snow White, or, even worse, Cinderella, but I guess I should have known that if that was my attitude going in, chances are I was not going to score one of the Big Three sweet and charming princesses of the fairy tale world. Instead I came up as Pocahantas (see details below), which I think is pretty cool. She wasn’t even on my princess radar screen, which makes sense since I don’t have a princess radar screen.

When you check your results you can even see what percentages you scored in other princess divisions. I am pleased to say that I scored a zero in Cinderella and Snow White, although I did manage an 11 percent in Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty). I also scored respectably well in the Mulan category. Another of the warrior princesses. What I think all of this means is that no one had better mess with me or my Prince Charming or our little royals, or I will kick his or her butt — princess style, of course.


Check out your princess personality, by clicking HERE.


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