The snow day results are in

February 13, 2008 | family, Original NSS, parenting

Let me start by saying this: Crafts were made. Popsicle sticks were used. (If you didn’t read this morning’s post, you’re probably a little confused by now.)

The funny thing is that I had nothing to do with the use of popsicle sticks in this craft project. Really. Olivia went and found a full package of sticks — multi-colored ones at that — in our old craft bin. And, you might not believe this because even I can hardly believe it, she crafted the sticks into a cross, of all things. I know you’re thinking I must have put her up to this. It’s all too perfect, but that’s how this day has gone. It’s been close to perfect.

I cleaned the bathrooms while the children played. After that all three of them finger painted in the basement. Chiara, who believes in full-body finger painting, used four huge sheets of paper and an entire roll of paper towels. Olivia, who takes finger painting quite literally — as in, one finger allowed, made a lovely gardenscape with picket fences and strawberry plants. Noah, who is not a big craft fan, used up the leftover paints because I didn’t want them to go to waste, creating some sort of a camp scene. I tuned out once the word BB gun was uttered.

While I was fixing a computer glitch and gathering the fixings for an easy, three-cheers dinner (a super-quick, meatless pasta fagioli, which is one of those rare dinners that everyone loves), Olivia created the previously discussed cross picture (see photo above), which not only featured popsicle sticks but feathers, foam flowers, glitter glue and dried beans. Bet you didn’t think I had craft supplies like that just lying around, did you?

Now Chiara is napping and the older kids are watching Charlotte’s Web,having finished off all 50 Valentine’s Day cards they needed to write. I’m even going to pop some popcorn and complete our Norman Rockwell moment as soon as I’m done here.

Suddenly I remember why snow days are so appealing. Everything stops. They might not be so good for the work load, but snow days can be good for the soul. What’s more, this snow day proved to me that I may be getting old and somewhat cranky, but I’ve still got it. And I didn’t even need the yarn.


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