Wisdom Wednesday: You know how to be brave

January 21, 2015 | Life in My 50s

The song “Colours” by Margo Rey has been a favorite on my iTunes play list for quite a while now, but last weekend’s Christian Mothers’ Retreat in Syracuse was the first time I wove the song into one of my presentations. It was a hit, as I guessed it would be. Quite a few women came up to me after my talk and asked for the song’s title and artist. I knew it would tie in perfectly with a religious retreat despite the fact that it is a secular song because it speaks to the heart and to something I think so many women confront in their lives: learning to love themselves for who they are and to step into their own skin once and for all and be brave, no matter what may or may not be going on in the background or center stage of their lives, no matter how they think they’ve failed, no matter what the outside world pushes them to be.

So here are the words, or at least some of them, and the YouTube clip. Now go, and be brave.

I close my eyes and tell myself
when I feel judged by someone else
that love, love, love
begins with me.

I dig in deep and must reveal
the secret for me heart to heal
no lies, lies, lies
or make believe.

But my stones and sticks
I pitch ’em quick
and get in the way of myself again.

And then I say,

I am not afraid.
I know how to be brave,
and in the best and worst of times
my colours never fade.
Bitter words can’t stain,
wash out or strip away,
’cause in a million shades of gray
my colours never fade. — Margo Rey



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