Proving that age really is a state of mind

November 20, 2013 | Life in My 50s

“It’s all about having a purpose, and that’s why I think to retire is dangerous,” says one woman featured in the Fabulous Fashionistas documentary about older women who still have a sense of style and a sense of purpose. “…The minute you give an inch, life or illness or something else will take a mile.”

And this from the narrator:

“For all six women, their style and attitude was not just about the clothes they wore. They all have the same steely determination. They all share a quality, a spirit that keeps them going regardless.”

Can I get an Amen?

Watching this video made me smile and laugh and shake my head in the very best way. I love these women. I love their confidence, and I love the way they defy every preconception about older women.

As I watched, it made me even happier with my decision to get braces at 51 because, guess what? Only a crazy woman who has no intention of getting old any time soon or following stereotypical social conventions, would get braces at 51. Only a crazy 51-year-old woman would go to the store for walking shoes and come home with three-inch-heeled suede ankle boots and then wear them with a skirt to speak at a church. Only a crazy woman of a certain age would buy a Batik handkerchief skirt and wear it with a Guess jean jacket from the juniors department with a big gray silk rose purchased on the street in Greenwich Village along with a dark green scarf with little Indian bells on it.

I am that crazy woman, and this documentary only makes me want to kick it up a notch. While watching this I thought of so many fabulous friends and Facebook acquaintances who fit this same profile. You know who you are, and I love you all. You inspire me, the same way these women do and remind me that age really is a state of mind.

Here’s to growing old together with style! Watch the documentary. It’s 45 minutes, but worth every second.


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