Life in My 50s: Throw out those pajamas!

December 7, 2013 | Life in My 50s

So it occurred to me, as I scrolled through old photos looking for something to feature on Throwback Thursday this week, that the pajamas I was wearing on Christmas 2007 are the very same pajamas I’m still wearing. Well, not right this minute, but at night. In fact, these pajamas are considered my “good” pajamas because they are a matched set (received as a gift) and both pieces remain intact. The truth is that most of my pajamas are old T-shirts worn till the writing is faded and leggings or sweat pants worn till well past their expiration date.

Why is it that nice pajamas seem as decadent and indulgent as those nice soaps I’ve had trouble using in the past. (Soap post is over HERE. And, for the record, I am slowly conquering that bad habit. I’ve got only one more nice soap waiting in the queue at this point.)

The only nice silk nightgown and silk bathrobe nice pjsI have were purchased at Victoria’s Secret 20 and 25 years ago, respectively, and I still consider them too special for everyday use. I finally decided just recently that any robe that is marking its quarter-century anniversary should finally be put into regular post-shower rotation. When the girls see me in it, I get lots of oohs and aahs, like I’m wearing robes threaded in gold.

Hanging onto favorite things is a habit of mine, spanning all clothing categories in my world. I refuse to part with the 27-year-old Levi 501 button-fly jeans that I still use for gardening or the black leather fringe jacket I bought in college or the 30-year-old leggings from the Limted that look like new and feel just right with fuzzy socks and an oversized hoodie on a winter’s night.

And although those worn things are perfect for some occasions, maybe I need to go get myself some real pajamas, something with a matching top and bottom, if only to change up the Christmas morning photos.

tshirt pjsIf you’re like me, I’m recommending — no insisting — that you do the same. Before Christmas, go get yourself a beautiful pair of PJs, not from Walmart or Target or Kmart, but from a “real” store. Doesn’t have to be super expensive, just super comfy and maybe just a little luxurious.

See that T-shirt over there on the left? I’ve had that since my brother played high school baseball in the 1980s. It’s still in my pajama draw. It’s going. Today. Okay, maybe not into the trash. Maybe I’ll pair it up with my old 501 Levis for next year’s gardening.


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