Prayers for my son, please – UPDATED

March 2, 2015 | family

UPDATE (3/3/15): Noah’s MRI showed no damage to his heart valves or pumping function due to the inflammation in his heart (myocarditis). He still has a long way to go and is still in the Critical Care Unit, but this is a huge step forward in terms of his recovery. Please keep praying for him — and us. We can feel the prayers of so many people pouring over us. It has made this difficult journey much easier to face.
My 18-year-old son, Noah, is in critical care at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany with heart problems due to a viral infection. Over the weekend an incredible network of prayer warriors over on Facebook has been spreading our prayer intention for Noah far and wide, something I’ll tell you about in more detail at a later date, but I realized there was one group of prayer warriors I hadn’t yet tapped: my NSS followers who are not on social media. So here I am.

Please pray for Noah and for our family. At the time, he is stable but things are still precarious. We are hoping more tests today — a cardio MRI and another echocardiogram — will help the doctors better assess his condition and future treatment. We know there is some weakening of his heart, so we are praying that it does not increase and is not permanent. If you could pray with us, I would be so grateful.

Thank you. I will update the blog again when we have more news. Peace and love, Mary


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