Is it food you’re craving, or something more?

September 15, 2012 | Books, Cravings

One of my two new books being released this fall is heading into final production. Here’s a big stack of covers just waiting to be wrapped around the pages of “Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God” over at Ave Maria Press.

The official release date is December 17. You can pre-order at all the usual places. Click on the title above and you’ll get Amazon. Click on the cover image below and you’ll get B&N. You can also go straight to Ave Maria Press by clicking HERE.

Here’s the description of the book that’s up on Amazon, along with three “blurbs” from other important Catholic folks:

In this first book on the topic written from a Catholic perspective, award-winning writer Mary DeTurris Poust offers personal, hard-won wisdom on the complex relationship between food and spirituality.

Mary DeTurris Poust draws on the rich appreciation of meals she first gained at the tables of her childhood in an Italian-American family, leading readers into reflection on the connections between eating, self-image, and spirituality. Like Geneen Roth in Women, Food and God, but from a uniquely Catholic point of view, Poust helps readers spot ways they use food to avoid or ignore their real desires — for acceptance, understanding, friendship, love, and, indeed, for God. Poust draws from scripture and the great Catholic prayer forms and devotions to assist readers in making intentional changes in their use of food. She also offers reflections on fasting, eating in solidarity with the poor, vegetarianism, and the local food movement.

And here are the blurbs:

“Whether you’re tired of being obsessed with your weight, are hungry for inner peace even more than you’re hungry for food, or are desiring the freedom that comes with self-acceptance, Cravings will leave you satisfied.” –Kate Wicker, Author of Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body

“This book opens a doorway to hope for anyone locked in a struggle with food. It is a refreshing guide to freedom in Christ.” –Jeff Young, Podcast host of The Catholic Foodie

“Another excellent tool in Mother Church’s hand to help feed God’s children with what they crave most: truth, the food of saints!” –Rev. Leo Patalinghug, Author of Grace Before Meals


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