Friendship under a spiritual microscope

November 9, 2010 | book review, Books

This review really captured the heart and soul of my new book. My favorite review of any book I’ve ever written. It appeared in this week’s Evangelist of the Diocese of Albany. Check it out, if you have a few minutes.


A recent piece in the LA Times newspaper left me stunned. Citing one study of Americans, the article stated that most people “had one-third fewer non-family confidants than they had 20 years earlier, and 25 percent had no one in whom to confide whatsoever.”

It continued, “Another study of 3,000 Americans found that, on average, they had only four close social contacts.”

We are a pilgrim people and, as Catholics, we are “covenantal” people, so those numbers startled me. That may be one reason I enjoyed “Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship” by Mary DeTurris Poust.

With friendship frequently defined as being a mouse-click away, this book shines with the potential of what relationship can actually mean.

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