Summer vacation. It’s official now.

June 27, 2011 | Uncategorized

We kicked off summer officially today, with a short hike around Beaver Trail at Five Rivers Environmental Center and a picnic lunch. I thought that meant we could check two things off our Beach Bucket List (hiking and picnic), but I was informed that today’s outing doesn’t count because Dennis wasn’t with us.

I never tire of visiting Five Rivers, which is just a few miles from our house. Come along for a hike and see what’s out there…

Obviously the trails were not icy, despite what the warning sign says. Muddy, yes. Icy, no.

The pond was full and the waterfall rushing, thanks to the recent rains.

Checking out the water chestnut that is taking over the pond, and hoping to spy a frog or turtle.

If you look closely, you can see the wings in motion on this bright blue darning needle. Is it a darning needle or a dragon fly? I’m going with the former.

My favorite view, no matter what the season.

Seeing the world upside down.

Up through the trees.

Half the trail was closed due to flooding. We circled back around and came at it from the other direction.

And we were glad we did because we spotted this little guy from the bridge. A much bigger version was too deep in the water to capture in a photo.

A mama turkey and three babies. She let us get so close, unnervingly close.

Chiara in what has been labeled the “sleeping chair,” courtesy of her godfather on a previous visit. I guess the chair only works on him.

Lily pond.

It’s not easy being green.


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