Manic Monday: Family, friends and feeling blessed

March 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

These are busy, crazy times here in the Poust House, and things only promise to get a bit crazier as we head toward the Triduum and Easter. That photo on the left is from last night’s Palm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany. Serious palm there, people. No scrawny little stalks but full fronds, complete with the entire congregation processing in. Check it out next year if you’re nearby. 

Overall, this past week has brought with it very strong feelings of gratitude. As I knelt in church last night, I had an overwhelming sense of joy for the many blessings I’ve received lately — Noah’s restored health, the kids’ safe return from their school trip, Noah’s many college options, my own busy work schedule, the chance to see some old friends.

I hope you have a blessed and grace-filled Holy Week. Here’s the Manic Monday run down…

Bookshelf: I’m working my way through At Least You’re in Tuscany: A Somewhat Disastrous Quest for the Sweet Life by Jennifer Criswell. As my faithful NSS readers already know, I love anything that has to do with Italy. I like this book, although I don’t love it. Yet. Maybe I’ll feel differently by the end. It’s not bad, but when I read a book about Italy I want to be transported. I want to smell the food and feel the cobblestones underfoot. Yes, I ask a lot of my books about Italy.

Menu: It’s been an unusual week of eating for us with both big kids away for five days. Lots of easy-to-make treats. Like this antipasto: antipasto

GPS: Although I’ve been close to home, my kids are traveling far and wide. Noah and Olivia spent the past five days or so in Williamsburg, Va., with the Bethlehem Lab School. Despite rain every single day, they had a great time. Noah departs for a 10-day trip to Italy on Good Friday. I’m reading the detailed itinerary this morning and just cannot believe I don’t get to go. I am so jealous. He’ll hit spots I’ve never seen — Verona, Venice, Padua, Pisa — as well as places I have — Florence, Assisi, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Capri. Eighty teenagers and 19 chaperones. Imagine moving that group through 10 cities in 10 days?!? Please say a prayer for their safety.

Datebook: Last night Noah decided on Le Moyne College out of the many wonderful options he had. So, come fall, he’ll be headed to Syracuse to major in biology. He picked it specifically because it is not only Catholic but Jesuit, which makes perfect sense for my science-minded faith-filled boy. I am so proud of him.

Viewfinder: A few visual highlights from the past week….

Noah Liv Williamsburg

Noah and Olivia in Williamsburg, Va.

Wine from Coltibuono

My sweetie found Chianti from the winery we visited when we were in Siena this fall — Coltibuono.


A touch of spring despite cold, wintery weather. Thank you, Paula!

CNY reunion 2015

A reunion of colleagues from Catholic New York during Dennis’ baseball draft.

Soundtrack: Here’s a new song Dennis downloaded for me. Funny thing is, I had snapped a photo of the artist/title of this song when it was on SiriusXM recently because I planned to download it for him. Kismet. It’s called “Made for You” by Alexander Cardinale. Enjoy.


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