Knock, knock…

January 4, 2013 | Everyday Divine, Uncategorized

So the doorbell rings at 7:45 p.m. tonight and sitting on our front porch is a tiny little package from an undisclosed location in Mobile, Alabama. Addressed to me. I open it, and inside is the rooster you see here, with a pig on top of its head. Needless to say, I was somewhat freaked out, assuming some nut job had located me. Not that any of you are nut jobs. With all due respect.

So I think, Who would send me a weird rooster with a pig on its head — unsigned, unmarked, designed to creep me out? And only one person came to mind: Abby. She was the prime suspect from the get-go. And she caved like a house of cards when I called her a few minutes later.

Inside joke, prompted by a blog post I just love (don’t read if you are offended by profanities). So now my rooster — nicknamed Elijah in honor of Abby (another long story) — will get a spot in my sacred space, proving once again that spirituality is lived in the everyday, and sometimes silly things, like little painted roosters, can earn a spot among the more transcendent stuff. It’s what makes spirituality real and what makes it matter. Every time I see Elijah the Rooster, I will think of Abby and remember her in prayer. And there you have it: A funny story, a somewhat off-color blog post, and a surprise delivery on a Friday night become fodder for moving down the spiritual path. God is in the details.


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