Beautiful and tragic, a too-frequent combination

July 24, 2013 | Uncategorized

The determination of the human spirit is amazing, and watching this video clip is inspiring. But the entire time I watched and listened, all I kept thinking was,”Why is it that anyone anywhere should have to live like this?” A slum built on a landfill? Let’s start there.

The haunting music and the complete injustice of it all made me want to cry. These children deserve better. How is it that the rest of us can just go on with our lives while this kind of thing exists on this planet? And yet we do because we all just have to keep moving forward and how do we begin to make a difference when there is so much heartache out there?

I know people who take their children to places like this so that they can understand in a real and powerful way what it means to serve and what real need and hunger look like. I have not been brave enough to try that. And so I’d like to thank all those people who are brave enough or who care enough to go to places like this and make a difference. And to the people who figure out how to make music out of garbage, well, there are no words. I am humbled by their strength, their determination, and their belief in something beautiful even when everything around them screams with ugliness and despair and death. That is faith.


faith, hope


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